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IAEE Edition 2022

Relive the experience

The International African Entrepreneurship Exhibition (IAEE), supported byZion Kick-Up Startups (ZKS) was held for the first time in person in Switzerland during World Entrepreneurship Week from November 14 to 18, 2022. Through the theme "A sustainable food system in Africa"; this second edition brought together high-quality speakers to discuss global food issues and Africa's contribution.

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The second edition of IAEE

The first edition of IAEE was deliberately oriented to celebrate the African entrepreneurial genius of Switzerland. Based on the premise that with the majority of arable soils, vibrant youth and 60% of the continent's jobs being in agriculture, Africa is WELL STARTED, the team of ZION KICK-UP STARTUPS organized the second edition to shed light on the challenges and opportunities of global food around the theme "A sustainable food system in Africa". The event was both digital and in-person. Point of progress among others: ZION KICK-UP STARTUPS organized the trip of an expert from Cameroon to Lausanne for a sensitive topic: PGI (Protected Geographical Indications), case of Penja pepper.

                                                             “Building the Africa we want is POSSIBLE!” ​

IAEE2022 speakers

Show Highlights

Competition of Entrepreneur pitch

1. EASYMARKET: Transfer food, not cash!

2. THE SERVICE BOX: All-round deliveries
3. GREEN BIO ENGINEERING: Production of biofuel from household waste
4. THE ORGANIC FARM: Producing and distributing ORGANIC in Africa

TECHNOLOGY: “Traceability and authentication of agri-food products using technology: an application to Penja pepper”

Round tables
“World food issues: What can Africa bring to the table”?
“Contribution of diasporas to a sustainable food system”

Debates, Discoveries, Testimonials from entrepreneurs from Switzerland and the African continent

Video links for each day:





Day 5: Networking - Conferences - Speeches - Awards...

IAEE2022 Brochure

Partners and sponsors
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